Saturday, September 24, 2011

Must Read ... another Traitor ...

Please Must Read...
1. TATAs took 100 years to become billionaire, Ambanis took 50 years(after utilizing all its resources), where as Robert Vadra took less than 10 years to become fastest multi billionaire....
2. All newspapers are scared to discuss the story of Robert Vadra because of severe threat from Sonia Gandhi and Congress govt.
3. After Robert Vadra got married with Priyanka Gandhi, Robert's father committed suicide under mysterious circumstances, his brother found dead in his delhi residence and his sister found dead in mysterious car accident. These reports were not published in any Indian media.
4. He is having stakes in Malls in premier locations of India, he is having stakes in DLF IPL, and DLF itself. He was involved in CWG corruption - DLF was responsible for development of Commonwealth games, and Kalmadi gave favoritism to DLF because of Robert Vadra's direct interest and business partnership with DLF.
‎5. Robert Vadra owns many Hilton Hotels including Hilton Gardens New Delhi
6. Robert Vadra's association with Kolkata Knight Ryders has never been reported by Indian media
7. He has 20% ownership in Unitech, Biggest beneficiary ownership of 2G Scam. Because of Robert's involvement in this scam, there are concerns that investigation would never reach decisive conclusion...
8. He owns prime property in India specially commercial hubs, and taxi business, but for Air Taxi. He owns few private planes as well.
9. He has direct link with Italian businessman Quatrochi.

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  1. has been reading this letter. I am not sure how much authentic it is. Dr.Swamy has already filed some PILs so lets keep the pressure on media and the government and get the truth out asap. I agree that the Gandhi family has out grown themselves..and have been gaining all hype and attention due to lack to choice with Congress and so ultimately and unfortunately for us.



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